California Healthy Kids?

A permission slip was recently received to allow seventh grade children to take the survey embodied in the attached PDF files.  It was clear that it was strictly optional and that the children could opt out of it as well if they felt uncomfortable taking the survey.

We must ask the question, with all the issues surrounding quality of education, what this survey has to do with education and why are taxpayer dollars being spent on such things?

What ideas are implanted in impressionable youth when asked such questions?

What do children, in their mind, think will be done with this information?

What will ultimately be done with this information?

Will this be used for more social engineering by the state and undermine the role of family and church in the lives of our children?

Section A - Miscellaneous (Overlap of Sections Below) (PDF Format)

Section B - Feelings (PDF Format)

Section C - Alcohol & Drugs (PDF Format)

Section D - Tobacco (PDF Format)

Section E - General Health (PDF Format)

Section F - Sex (PDF Format)

Santa Clara County Section (PDF Format)

Tell your school administration what you think of this activity.  If you agree with this activity, send a note to the webmaster with your thinking.

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