The Radical Gay/Lesbian Agenda

It is with reluctance that the author is posting this information.  In a complicated world, one must adopt a live-and-let-live stance...something that radical Islam has trouble with, and increasingly the radical gay/lesbian movement.  While radical Islam is truly an in-your-face issue, the radical gay/lesbian movement has followed a slow incrementalism approach.  What took many people over the top was the San Francisco Chronicle photo of two gay male "parents" with their adopted daughters strapped to the front of them.

This is very clear evidence that not only does the Gay/Lesbian Agenda include fair treatment under the law, but that it wishes to propagate and expand this lifestyle in the general populace.  We've always been aware of the the subtle recruitment efforts over the years of male and female subjects.  Even the ACLU has supported the defense of NAMBLA.  Now, it is being codified via law-breaking issuance of marriage licenses and gay/lesbian adoptions.

A friend sent me the following e-mail newsletter (note red text) from Branham High School in San Jose, CA.  It is lead by liberal administration and the school is in a state of turmoil at the moment with gang fights.  It is reported that almost daily P.A. blurbs are issued on tolerance for gay and lesbian issues.  We must ask what this has to do with education, and why we must subject our children to the re-education or brainwashing.

To put it very graphically, why must we be subjected to an agenda that focuses primarily on what is between a person's legs rather that what is between a person's ears.  If you think all this is homophobic, we'd love to hear from you.

Branham High School E-Mail Newsletter (Edited to eliminate persons' names)

February 13, 2004 - "A" Day
Still collecting presenters for Career Day on March 12. We would
really like the bulk of speakers to be Branham HS parents. Doesn't
matter what your job is, if you like teenagers, and want to share
some insight into what you do everyday: why you do it, what you did
to prepare to do it, would you do anything differently, looking back?
Then we need you! This may be the day that changes the course of
your child's life. Be a part of it! Email XXXX at
Don't wait!
WASC Accreditation Update: When we return from vacation, Branham
will be visited by 6 educators who have volunteered to come spend 3
1/2 days studying every aspect of Branham High School. They will
visit classes, and meet with groups of teachers, students, parents,
and other staff to ask your perceptions of what kind of school this
is. Please welcome the WASC Visiting Committee members in our best
Bruin spirit, and show them a great time! Remember the ESLRs!
Word of the Day: Today's word of the day is autodidact, meaning one
who is self taught.
This Day in American History: Andrew "Rube" Foster organizes The
Negro Baseball League, the first Black baseball league in 1920.
Poll Worker: Want to make $95.00 and serve your community? Be a
community contributor as per Branham's ESLR's. Poll Workers are
needed for the March 2nd Primary Election.
Branham Rainbow Bruins: would like for you to take a moment to
consider this "queer fact" as we celebrate the diversity of our
campus: According to statistics found on, some 36% of
homosexual or bisexual youth have attempted suicide compared to only
8% of straight teens due to treatment at school, home, or society.
Please keep this fact in mind as you go through your day today. We
hope that everyone will work to make Branham a supportive school that
accepts all peoples and celebrates the differences and diversities
that make us who we are.
Bowling Club: We are still looking for more members. Students of all
skill levels are wanted. If you would like to join come to one of
the meetings on Saturday at Cambrian Bowl at 11:30 AM. Cost is $7.50
plus shoes for 3 games each Saturday.
Lunch Menu for Friday, Feb. 13th: Tuna Sandwich, Grilled Cheese
Meetings: Track Team mandatory meeting today at lunch in room 61
JSA meeting today at lunch in room 32
Best Buddies "surprise " meeting today at lunch - please attend
Living Poet's Society meeting today at lunch in room 28
Sports: Boys' Basketball at Leland at 6:00/7:30
GPA Verification: Seniors, Ms. XXXX is still collecting the GPA
verification forms she distributed in your English class. Turn in
the form to the Main Office.
Financial Aid: Seniors, don't miss the deadline to file the free
application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Pick up the application
in the Main Office or go to The deadline is March 2nd.
Graduating Seniors: Name lists are posted on the Main Office window,
library, and display showcase in the main hallway. Your name will be
printed on your diploma as it appears on the list. Deadline for name
changes on your diploma will be Wednesday, February 25th. See Mrs.
XXXX in the Main Office for changes or additions.
Ski-Week: Take pictures of things you do over ski-week with your
friends for the yearbook.
Heart Attract: The forms are in! Pick them up today at lunch in the
Boys' Golf: Tryouts will be held on Thursday, Feb. 19th, at Santa
Teresa Golf Course. You must be there at 11:30 to check in for the
tee times. You will need to bring a physical card if you do not have
one already and $12.00 for the green fees. You will be golfing 9
holes and range balls will not be provided in the green fee. (Ochoa)
Badminton: There will be practice tonight from 6:00 to 8:00PM in the
large gym.
ATTENTION SENIORS: Grad Night 2004 is sure to be an exciting
adventure for everyone that attends! Don't miss the boat on all the
fun. Buy your ticket today. Grad Night Tickets are $125.00 and on
sale Tues and Thurs at lunch. Or you may leave your money and signed
contract in the office. The Senior Grad Night shirts should arrive in
the next week. Watch for the announcement to pick them up if you have
already bought a ticket. Also be one of the first 150 students to buy
your ticket and receive 2 extra raffle tickets toward great prizes.
NEED VOLUNTEERS to help out in the office during the WASC committee
visit, February 23-25th. We are anticipating that the office
personnel will be stretched to their limits, and will be able to use
some extra hands. If you have a free couple of hours (or more)
during these days, contact XXXX. These are
the proposed shifts, but if you have other times available, we're
willing to negotiate.... 7:45 a.m. through 11:30,
11:15- 2:15.
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