Special Thoughts

Look at all the sites of information on the previous link.  It continues to grow exponentially.  Why?  People are frantically looking for an escape from classic methods they feel are injurious, or at best, debilitating. We have organizations that have favored high profit commercial interests in lieu of common sense, commonly available solutions that have been available for millennia.  Nothing is wrong with profit, however the profit motive can often blind a company on  the quality of life impact of the end user.  The result is a lot of bad information mixed in with the good...a lot of unscientific, non-clinical results mixed in with quality organizations trying to fight the uphill battles against entrenched pharmaceutical companies and their legal staff.  To get the most out of this information, you will have to read voraciously!  Dr. Lorraine Day tried 50+ methods before she concluded what was right for her.  Learn from her experience and others and before long, you will begin to see a pattern or solution that is tailored for you.

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