Writings, Notes, and Information From Dr. Robert Mann

Dr Mann was Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry in the University of Auckland and then became its first (and last) Senior Lecturer in Environmental Studies.  In retirement he works mainly on solar-thermal and motorcycling inventions, as well as helping to bring recombinant DNA under control.




bullet Variety in DNA Secondary Structure
bulletCurrent Science 85(11) 1564-70 2003
bullet Dietary Supplementation
bulletChallenges for the OFHI (Open Forum for Health Information)
bulletJun 1993

Conservation Science

bullet The Thalidomide Of Genetic Engineering
bullet Aug 1999
bullet The Selfish Commercial Gene
bullet 13 Sep 2000
bullet Statement to The Royal Commission on Genetic Modification
bullet 30 Nov 2000
bullet Genetic Engineering: Policy and Science since the Royal Commission: Insoluble Problems
bullet By Peter R Wills, BSc, PhD - 24 Sep 2003
bullet New Zealand's Ban on Nuclear-Propelled Ships Revisited
bullet By Andreas Reitzig - M.A. thesis in Political Studies, The University of Auckland, accepted Aug 2005
bullet Giants Can Fade: Hazards of Nuclear-powered Shipping (Scanned)
bullet By Peter Wills, Eve Sinton, and Robert Mann, NZ Environment 68 25-30 (1992)
bullet (Reference blacked out from the above thesis)


bullet Aristotle's Categories of Cause
bullet Free Will
bullet27 Jul 2010
bullet Creationism v. Evolution but not Creation v. Evolution
bullet By Robert Mann & Neil Broom - May 2000
bullet   Robert Mann speech - Devolution (MP3)
bullet   Devolution: Reruns of Genesis 3? (text of Mann speech above)
bullet   Neil Broom Speech - Should the Scientist be a Provisional Atheist? (MP3)
bullet The Illogic of Creationism
bullet Sep 2003
bullet Creation, Science and "Creation Science"
bullet By Donald A. Nield - Nov 1999
  A Note On Feminism & Christianity
bullet Mar 1993 - with the help of the late Prof. John E. Morton
bullet A Biographical Sketch
bullet from The God Factor: 50 scientists and academics explain why they believe in God, Jun 2001


bulletLiving As If Gaia Mattered
bullet21 Sep 1989
bulletWhy Are We Doing So Badly? (A sequel to the prior article)
bullet14 Dec 1991
bullet Politically Correct Thinking and The Harm It Is Doing To The Green Movement (MP3)
bullet An Unboring Life
bullet A Selection of Comments on Current Affairs



Simple Retrofitted Flat-Plate Solar Water- and Air-Heaters - Inventions


Water Injection without moving parts - An Invention

bulletSports Car Club of NZ 2013

VW Overheating Problem

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