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The motivation for this web site really began after a series of physical tragedies befell the congregation members at our church.  Conventional medicine was taking its patients down the same path several times attacking the symptoms or results of an illness, but not looking too much at preventative or follow-up therapy of a less invasive nature.  It has been a challenge to gather material suitable for Christian readers.  Many references become intertwined with other religions and even fringe on the occult.  Unfortunately, focus in this area is only beginning by Christian writers, as they wade through the copious amounts of literature, trying to extract the practical and healthful knowledge therein.

While it should never be implied that this site would encourage remedies to serious problems that weren't administered by skilled physicians or practitioners, educating oneself about the lifestyle and diet decisions presented here could be a very important part of preventing such problems in the first place AND reducing the possibility of their return.

As I started this project, it began to grow, as many projects do.  Starting from just physical health, the final list of areas affecting our overall wellbeing was:

bullet Career
bullet Family
bullet Health (Diet, Exercise, Issues)
bullet Politics/Ethics
bullet Relationships
bullet Spiritual

There are certainly crossover areas in the above list.  Career was chosen due to the current poor economic environment we are in and the stress and other issues related to that.  Family was chosen because of the need to reemphasize the importance of family in our existence for the proper upbringing of children...our future.  Health was the core topic and the most information-laden at the moment.  It is affected by all other topics.

Politics/Ethics was chosen due to 9/11 and the current corporate scandals and the need for wage earners to find their way through this upheaval.  Relationships was chosen due to an increasing tendency for our society to create isolated islands of existence.  Since humans are still pretty much social creatures, this tendency will affect our sense of wellbeing.  Last, but not least, Spiritual was chosen as the glue that holds these processes together and makes sense of it all through trust in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

So far, this is a one person project.  I pray that your feedback and use of the site will make it more worthwhile for others.  For now, this is a work of love for friends and family.  It is to be used for informational purposes only and again should never be used in place of professional care, but in association with it.  If you use some of the information here, make sure to advise your professional of what you are doing and why.

Faithfully in Him,

Gary Ashford, webmaster@kuratrading.com

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