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When we are faced with illness, career displacements, family issues, etc., we become hungry for information AND spiritual nourishment.  Often, we don't realize our need for spiritual nourishment because counter to what is stated in Proverbs 3:5,6, we rest on our own understanding.  This can open the door to poor information and worsening of the situation.  Please follow this link to our cornerstone Scriptures For Healing and this link for What We Believe.

The information contained on this site has been submitted by various friends as an experiential guide for others.  This information should not be taken as a recommendation or the final word on any topic.  In all matters, professional help should be sought after, whether it be clergy, legal, or medical in nature.  It is our sincere attempt to make this site useful to make the reader aware of other choices or alternatives for their particular situation.

Each button to the left will lead you to an area that is more closely aligned with your needs.  This is a work in constant change and updating.  Your comments, corrections, and additions are most welcome.

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