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11 June 2001

Greetings in the name of Jesus,

This is the recorded teaching which Sy Rogers gave at St Peterís Anglican Church in Wanganui, New Zealand on 23 - 24 May 2001. Here are 10 hours of dynamic and grace-filled teaching on Sexual & Relational Brokenness, its causes and redemptive principles.

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#1 Saturday Morning
#2 Saturday Morning
#3 Saturday Afternoon
#4 Saturday Afternoon
#5 Sunday Morning
#6 Sunday Morning
#7 Sunday Evening
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Most well known speakers tend to focus on either form or content. Sy Rogers is one of those rare people for whom form & content flow together in one balanced and powerful experience. Syís approach to this subject, as well as his personal testimony, honesty & transparency will fascinate you. We pray, also, that you will be moved to respond in your own life and in the lives of those with whom you  interact with, to embody the grace and healing Sy so eloquently outlines here.

Evangelicals well know that a personís sins and problems should be brought to the foot of The Cross. The question about how a person does this, especially the often troublesome and persistent temptations and failures that surround oneís sexuality, are refreshingly examined in Syís teaching

On the Sunday morning prior to the 8am Service, Sy asked us what we wanted him to talk on. As we had not completed his teaching in the 7 hours of teaching on Saturday, we asked that, rather than give a Ďbuzz-talkí testimony, would Sy consider finishing (to the extent that he could) the teaching he began yesterday. Sy replied that he would welcome the opportunity to do so, and that he wanted to leave a deposit in Wanganui. Therefore the three talks on Sunday are a way of completing and wrapping up his Saturday teaching.

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Yours in Christ,

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